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Code of Conduct


The following code of conduct is intended to implement our mission and our values in our everyday activities, and to govern the way we work together at DETMERS.
It is not intended to be a complete collection of regulations, and does not replace any contractual documents. Instead, it serves as a point of reference, combined with common sense, for what constitutes integrity and responsible, ethically correct behavior at work.

In order to foster our corporate culture both internally and externally, all employees and business partners of DETMERS GmbH are required to be familiar with this code of conduct and integrate it into their everyday work. Guidelines and process instructions in individual areas should be consistent with this code of conduct.

This joint obligation will help us to be seen as an honest, reliable partner on the market in the future.

1. Quality and safety awareness

Our work processes are subject to the highest safety standards. These are described in implementing the requirements of the IFS Food Standards as well as the company-specific HACCP concept and applicable hygiene regulations.
Our safety concept is continuously reviewed through daily internal controls as well as regular internal and external audits.

2. Protecting the environment

Each employee supports the implementation of our environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard in their respective area of responsibility.
Our goal is to save resources, avoid waste, promote recycling, and thereby continuously improve and optimize our environmental performance.

3. Identification and responsibility

Exemplary function and duty of care
Being a manager means taking on responsibility and care for your employees. We expect that every employee with management responsibilities will understand and model this behavior. We expect managers to actively function as role models in line with our values and code of conduct in our everyday work.
Sensitization and promoting awareness
Our goal is to sensitize employees working in the company, identify and disclose weaknesses, and help improve processes and products. We create the foundation for this through open communication and regular employee training programs, flyers, and informational events.

4. Efficient price-performance structure

Our processes must always be designed so as to prevent any kind of material waste. Every employee should work to handle our own resources carefully in their own area of responsibility.

5. Sustainable thought and action

Our production processes are based on state-of-the-art technology. To save valuable resources, we continuously track and implement improvements in our processes. We believe it is essential for not only our company employees, but everyone involved in the supply chain to think and act in a sustainable way. Because of this, we primarily maintain delivery relationships with producers and suppliers who are certified according to relevant social and environmental standards.

6. Treating people fairly

All employees decide to take on their work at our company intentionally and of their own accord.
We always comply with the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the OECD guidelines. To ensure this, Detmers Getreide-Vollwertkost GmbH is certified in accordance with the standards of the Rainforest Alliance and SMETA. We expect that our business partners will promote relevant certifications throughout the entire supply chain.
Employee protection
We work to protect the health and safety of our employees through measures to create a safe working environment, training, instruction, and regulations. Each manager is responsible for training and supporting their own employees on compliance with all of these measures.
Equal treatment
We believe that all people should be treated equally, regardless of their origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or beliefs. We reject any form of unfair treatment, basing our actions on the United Nations Charter and the European Convention on Human Rights.
We have no problem integrating employees from different cultural backgrounds and countries of origin and respecting their ethical concerns. We foster a good work / life balance.
Business partners and competitors
Entering into private business relationships with business partners or competitors is prohibited, if this would result in a professional conflict of interest. Employees may not enter into any business relationships with a business partner over whom they can exercise significant direct or indirect influence. In general, private and business interests should be kept separate. Furthermore, we expect that decisions will always be made in the best interest of the company.
Any use of professional activities to gain private advantage is prohibited.
We do not tolerate fraud. All relationships with officials, companies, and private individuals must be designed so as to prevent even the appearance of corruption.

7. Compliance with the law

All employees are personally responsible for complying with the law in their own actions and area of responsibility.
Data protection
Protecting the personal data of our employees, customers and business partners is highly important to us. Therefore, we only collect, store, or process personal data if this is necessary for defined, clear and legally permitted purposes. We support the security of data and processing procedures through relevant technical and organizational measures. All employees must observe the data protection regulations relevant for their work area with the necessary level of care.
Complaint management
All employees are obligated and expected to disclose violations of the law or of this code of conduct, as well as of other relevant guidelines. They may contact either their direct supervisor, the complaint committee, or the general management directly if necessary to do so.

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