Our values – Our aspirations

Hand in Hand:
In our company, with their individual skills and talents, everyone contributes to serve our customers healthy and tasty muesli every day.

Transparent, direct and goal-oriented cooperation with our suppliers, employees and customers is very important to us. Whatever we do should be meaningful and satisfy us and others.

When developing our products, we always strive to harmonise the following objectives with one another:

  • whole food without the addition of sugar and artificial aromas
  • no use of genetically-modified ingredients
  • use of disputed raw materials (no palm oil etc.)
  • harmonising taste and product experience
  • aligning the price-performance ratio to the market and customers
  • stable availability of ingredients, for a secure supply capability
We invest part of our sales in the implementation of social standards worldwide and in more environmentally-compatible packaging. In addition, we support regional schools, associations, farmers and the Tafel associations.
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