Organic cultivation

As early as 1985, we were among the first to focus on ecological,
wholesome nutrition. We have continued to do so to this very day.
Out of conviction.
Since we started producing muesli in the 1980s, we have been convinced by the idea of wholefood nutrition from organic production. As a certified organic company, we work strictly in accordance with the EU Organic Regulation and bear the organic seal on our organic products. To ensure the reliable availability of biologically pure raw materials, we have built up a strong network of suppliers in the course of more than thirty years of industry experience. The cultivation and supply chain is monitored by independent inspection bodies worldwide, from the field, right up to delivery to our company. In addition, the goods are regularly tested for their biological purity, both by in-house analysis scans and independent laboratories.

DETMERS Getreide-Vollwertkost GmbH has been a member of the Association for Organic Food Manufacturers AÖL since 2005. The association's guiding principle is:

"The AöL members work for ecological, humane and sustainable food.

The entire way from production to processing and trade in relation to the consumer determines the value. The entire way, from production, processing and trade in relation to the consumer determines value. Cooperation and exchange of opinions among the members are success factors and the basis for joint political action.”
AÖL Visit at Getreidezüchtungsforschung (Cereal Breeding Research) Darzau

Organic is environmental protection in practise:

  • No genetic engineering
  • No artificial colourings and aromas
  • No preservatives
  • No synthetic fertilisers or pesticides in the fields
  • Preservation of soil fertility through fixed field use cycles
  • Use of natural fertiliser for humus-rich soil
  • Diverse crop rotation policy does not leach out the soil and prevents soil erosion
  • Natural wild herb and animal species protection, such as field mice and bees
  • Protection of groundwater from synthetic and chemical substances

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